Traditional vs Portable Mobile Self Storage Units – What To Choose


Traditional vs Portable Mobile Self Storage Units - What To Choose

We have numerous reasons why we may need to use facilities that offer storage services and this is not just for residential but for commercial purposes as well. For example, if you are planning to move or remodel your home, then you will surely need secured containers to temporarily store your household stuff. The same thing is true in a workplace environment because there are times where you need a bigger room so you may want to extend the current space or move to a new place.

Whatever reason there is, you will still need a place for the things that you need to keep temporarily or until the remodeling has completed and moving is done. This decision has to go smooth by simply choosing how you would like to secure these kinds of stuff and it is either through a traditional way or mobile self storage units that are usually portable. Doing so is easy but you need to deal with such a service which means that you have to decide what you need and more convenient.

As individuals or entrepreneurs, we have preferences and that is more important right now because this decision will secure and protect your belongings. Let’s say that this is not only about storing items but it moving this from one location to another is also involved so imagine how long you need to store and how much time you need to move them. I guess these are just a few things to consider so you better learn more about these options before making a choice.

Traditional Self Storage

In the traditional way, you may rent a unit from the nearest storing facilities in your area. This means that you take care of packing your belongings, loading, and unloading as well. You will have a key to unlock this unit but you can only do that during the operation hours of the facility.

However, this area is strictly secured, so every person who comes in and out is monitored because they have security cameras aside from personnel and they have access codes, too. Some of these facilities have controlled temperatures so it would be an ideal one for keeping wine, medicines, and other things that are sensitive to climate.

They have a variety of sizes that can even accommodate your automobiles. The units may range from 5′ x 5′ to 20′ x 30’so pretty sure that you can choose one from here. Anyway, go to for more information.

Mobile Portable Self Storage

With this type, you just need to wait for the container because this will be delivered to the desired location. Therefore, you have to make sure that you can accommodate this huge metal box that will be transported by the rental company. Depending on your request or preferences, you may choose available sizes, when to deliver, where to place, and it is also possible to ask for other services, such as loading and unloading.

When you cannot finish loading this box and it is almost time, you can ask for extensions because some of the rental companies collect fees per given period so it could be per day, week, or month. After filling the portable container, you may then contact the company to pick up and deliver this to the new home or office that is for the case of those who are moving. Some of you may also ask for pickup and this can be transported to the warehouse of the rental company until you give them further instructions regarding the location and this would be of big help when you need to vacate your place.

These units are easily loaded and transported because the rental companies usually have big trucks to carry this huge box. Anyway, if they have the right equipment or tool for carrying and transporting these, then the work would be very smooth because the experts just need to operate the machine and they’re off the road.

Traditional vs Portable Mobile Self Storage Units - What To Choose

What’s best for you?

Deciding what type of storage will be used will depend on your situation and I believe that this will always be unique. That’s because we have specific needs when it comes to storing – click this for a quick look.

Let’s say that you are moving because you found a new home and that place could be in a different town or outside the country so mobile storage unit services are necessary. Now, if accessibility is your concern, then consider which one is more accessible. Pretty sure that you may sometimes need something from the container but because your belongings are kept, you will have to take it and bring it back after use.

Another thing you must consider is time and we all know that this is just temporary because sooner or later, you should take all your stuff. Though we cannot always be precise when it comes to time so it is better to choose the ones where usage can be extended.