The detailed 10 steps of hammer crusher liner installation


We only know that hammer head is the key component of hammer crusher, in fact, the role of liner plate to hammer crusher is not lower than hammer head, liner plate as one of the important parts on hammer crusher, its correct installation is also very important for the normal operation of hammer crusher. The following will provide you with the 10 steps of hammer crusher liner installation summarized by Red Star manufacturers, hope it will be helpful to you.

Hammer crusher liner installation 10 steps

1, fixed end liner bolts shall not let cement mortar filling dead, should be able to make it turn or in and out.

2、After the installation of liner plate end liner plate and cylinder Crusher Liners end cover should be filled with compressive strength grade 42.5MPa cement mortar.

3、The circumferential gap arc length can not exceed 315mm, over the place are wedged with steel plate to isolate it.

4、The liner is generally directional, and care must be taken when installing it not to appear to be installed in reverse.

5、The gap between adjacent liner plates is not more than 5~10mm.

6、Separation layer should be laid between the liner and the inner surface of the cylinder according to the design requirements, if there is no requirement, it can be filled with compressive strength grade 42.5MPa cement mortar between the two, as full as possible, and the excess part is extruded through the solid liner bolts, and the liner bolts are tightened again after the cement mortar is solidified.

7、Check the geometry of the liner bolt hole and liner bolt carefully, clean up the flying edge, burr and protrusion on the liner bolt hole and liner bolt carefully, so that the bolt can be freely penetrated to the required position.

8、When installing the liner plate with rubber gasket, open the rubber plate in rolls 3~4 weeks before installation to make it stretch freely; when using the rubber plate, the long side of the rubber plate should be along the cylinder axially and the short side along the cylinder circumferential direction.

9、Tightening of liner bolts should be done with torque wrenches, and liner bolts of different specifications should be tightened according to the corresponding tightening torque requirements.

10、Sets of liner bolts should be pierced bolts, dust washers, flat washers, spring washers, nuts; to prevent ash leakage, do not forget to use dust pads when in use.

Common failures of hammer crusher liner plate

Hammer crusher in the crushing process often occurs liner plate off phenomenon, affecting the normal operation of the equipment, affecting the production progress, so what are the causes of the hammer crusher liner plate off? How to avoid the occurrence of liner off phenomenon? The following Red Star manufacturers for your science and technology.

1, the hammer crusher motor line position connected to the reverse. Solution: Stop the machine and connect the motor wiring position correctly.

2、The hardness or toughness of the material entering the crushing chamber is beyond the tolerance range of the hammer crusher. Solution: Check whether there are non-crushing materials into the crushing cavity, and remove the materials that exceed the specifications.

3、The thickness of the welded positioning slider on the machine base is not uniform, resulting in the contact between the adjusting wedge and the machine base is not vertical, thus causing the liner to fall off. Solution: should repair the seat slider, and liner seat with vertical rise or fall.

4, the liner seat and the seat with the slide groove wear, is the asymmetric state of the arc sinking, resulting in the liner seat in the groove body imbalance, thus the phenomenon of falling off. Solution: This time we have to make the liner seat with the slide groove for maintenance work, so that the liner seat in the groove parallel movement.

5, liner plate shift. Solution: The liner plate should be adjusted to the correct position in time.

As one of the important parts of hammer crusher, liner plate can protect the barrel of hammer crusher from direct impact and abrasion of grinding body and material, prolong the service life of hammer crusher, and also improve the crushing efficiency of hammer crusher, increase the output, etc. It plays an important role in the crushing process of hammer crusher.

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