Set up your small office with the Cisco Catalyst 2960-L Series

Set up your small office with the Cisco Catalyst 2960-L Series


The size of a network is in no way a sign of the IT challenges it can create for little or medium-sized businesses. To address these challenges and meet the increasing demands placed on the network, IT management must be simple and efficient. At the same time, simplicity doesn’t have to mean giving up industry best practices for security and reliability.

Starting a small office just got easier! Catalyst 2960-L switches come packaged with an integrated management solution, Cisco Configuration Professional for Catalyst (CCPC). CCPC provides you with an intuitive management interface that makes monitoring easy and reduces the network cost of ownership. With it, adding Cisco Catalyst 2960-L Series switches and Mobility Express access points only requires three simple clicks – it’s that easy!

Backed by industry-leading Catalyst and Aironet brands, the newly expanded Catalyst 2960-L series of switches and Mobility Express-enabled wireless access points bring the best networking practices to small and medium-sized business access networks. Together, these allow you to harness the facility of 802.11ac Wave 2 to supply your end-users more bandwidth, more speed, and a wider range for their data transmissions, without the need for advanced IT knowledge to run the network.

Set up your small office with the Cisco Catalyst 2960-L Series

Introducing the Catalyst 2960-L Smart Managed Switch

The new Catalyst 2960-L smart-managed switches deliver the reliability and speed of enterprise-grade technology without the cost and complexity. An intuitive web user interface, CCPC provides a 0-day setup wizard, N-day provisioning, image updates, troubleshooting, diagnostics, system monitoring, and a client view. There is no CLI on the switch. The web interface integrates best practices for network configuration and management, which means that customers do not have to be IT experts to configure their network.

The Catalyst 2960-L Smart Managed Switches is specifically designed for small office deployments without IT equipment or without IT equipment. With the same compact design and quiet operation as other Catalyst 2960-L series models, these switches work well for deployments outside the wiring closet. This means you can hide them from view in your open-plan office, day spa, or co-working salon and not have to worry about an annoying, environmentally-disturbing hum.

Combine with Mobility Express

Due to the built-in controller function in the access point, Mobility Express is simple in design and provides a powerful network as best practices are enabled by default. Not only that, but a simple user interface easily monitors, manages, and troubleshoots your network.

Using Mobility Express and Catalyst 2960-L as the backbone of your network offers security, flexibility, and scalability not found in other solutions.

Without compromising quality

Cisco has been a pacesetter in enterprise networking for many years and is now bringing an equivalent business quality and reliability to SMBs with the introduction of the new Catalyst 2960-L smart-managed switches. Like the enterprise portfolio, the Catalyst 2960-L Smart Managed Switches come with the Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty, offering an enterprise-grade warranty for the lifetime of the product, next-business-day replacement, solution 8 × 5 troubleshooting, and diagnostic support. up to 90 days from the date of shipment. Customers can enjoy peace of mind without compromising on product quality or support, regardless of the size of their organization.

So why accept “good enough” once you can have the best: Cisco!