With increasing usage of internet we can see that it provides a greater platform to reach wide range of people at low cost. Classified is basically a form of advertisement. Nowadays online classified have gained a lot of attention. There are a number of web portals providing platform to people for same. All a person has to do is search for where and what he is looking for, and he can find a number of classifieds posted regarding the same on those web portals or applications for example Quodoo is a platform where one can post or look for classified in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or any city in the United Arab Emirates. Similarly OLX and Quicker are some platforms for posting or finding classifieds in India. People have become more inclined to online classifieds rather than the traditional methods of advertisement due to many reasons. Here we will discuss some of the advantages associated with online classifieds websites.

  • Economical: Posting classifieds online are most cost effective. There are a number of websites which charge nothing for posting classifieds. Moreover, they have a wide reach the seller does not have to spend money on advertising it to number of people and similarly the buyer can deal with the seller without paying any charges.
  • Wide reach: Online classifieds have wide reach. People from all over the world who use internet can be reached very easily. These websites provide with global audience. Anyone from anywhere can buy anything from anywhere just at a click and without paying any extra charges.
  • User friendly: Websites for online classified are very user-friendly. They are very easy to use. A person can also reach the advertisement by using keywords for the place and the thing he is looking for example if someone is looking for a place to live in sharjah all he has to do is type property for sale classified Sharjah.
  • 24*7 Availability: There is no time limitation upon viewing of the advertisement as it has global reach. The server operates 24*7. So anyone can visit the website anytime from anyplace there is no time restriction.
  • Huge customer base: Since online classified have global reach a seller can have a huge customer base and earn enormous profit. He can sell as many products he wants to sell there is no limit on that as well.
  • Variety of options: Online classified provides the consumer with a wide variety of option due to global market. HE can choose from a range of products at reasonable price according to his suitability.

In conclusion posting classified online is better than traditional advertisement methods in many ways. It is more cost effective and has wider reach. Overall it is more convenient method because it also allows buyer and seller to remain in contact with each other easily. It has advantages both for the seller and buyer. Moreover, there are no border limitations for customer, it helps the seller to gain international customer base without the hassle of extra cost or travel.

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