One Word: Attack On Titan Figures


It simply contrasts with the denim. The denim has a perfect amount of creases. Regardless, the paint job here did an ok job. I believe it is a nice look; however not as good as with the transformation smoke. They both look distinctive. Then once more, possibly I’m a bit spoiled as I personal storage kits painted by some phenomenal painters. In the event you need a colossal titan that has a size in addition to an excessive degree of element, then this figure from Plex is right up your alley. All components of the body are effectively painted. It appears that paint jobs are usually the weakest factor about unlicensed figures. The eye to the little particulars is exactly what makes this figure one of many coolest Levi figures on the market!

Levi Ackerman message №3 DX ver. We need Attack on Titan figures of characters not named Levi but that’s an entirely another story. Much of the endgame in Attack on Titan is arranged throughout Chapter 122 when Eren usurps the power of the Founding Titan from his Zeke’s spirit of an evil and corrupt person who came before Ymir and allying himself to her, in the method manifesting himself as enormous, skeletal damage earlier than unleashing a literal tidal Some Colossal Titans went on a rampage and trample the world into oblivion. Whereas this specific determination doesn’t include the 3D maneuver gear, it’s nonetheless an exquisite model of Eren that the majority of collectors enjoy. Armin joins the Sentinel workforce with a striking resemblance to his manga version.

It’s easily the best thing about the figure. Mikasa is thought of rushing attack on titan figures headlong into something she can to maintain Eren alive and usually ends up being the very best at it! It features essentially the most iconic (IMO) pose of Eren throughout the series. The pose itself is completely accurate with the anime. Typical Scene Studio additionally did an important job with the man bun. There is plenty of tonal variation on the skin. They even added loads of detail to Eren’s again, which usually wouldn’t be seen from a traditional viewing angle. Like Eren’s torso, his face is nicely painted. His face seems to reek of expertise and a way of command, really placing this piece near the top of many collector’s lists.

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