Lockdown Comfort: Stylish Can Be Comfy


Loungewear is more popular than ever with current circumstances keeping everyone inside. Wearing old joggers and pyjamas can get a little boring when you spend almost every minute roaming the house, but luckily some brands are focusing on comfort as well as style. Here’s a look at some stylish garments and brands that you won’t just want to wear around the house.


Depending on the style you choose dresses can either be a great lockdown look or a bit of a discomfort. Picking out a tennis style dress, for a retro 70’s chic is perfect for lounging around the house in as well as feeling a little sporty on you daily walks. You can also try some floaty linen dresses if you’re planning for a day in the garden.


Streetwear is biggest than ever and for some brands, mens full tracksuits are worn by both men and women. The correct trend is a custom fit, which is ideal because it’s not oversized but also not skinny fit. Custom fit tracksuits are great for a quick trip out, as their intentional fit makes it a stylish choice for in the house and going to the shops. You’ll find tracksuits are usually either oversized or skinny which isn’t everyone’s first choice, but if you can find some custom fit styles, you have the best of both worlds.


If you’re wanting a lockdown comfort outfit that is ready to go straight from the couch to the shop then a playful jumpsuit is your best bet. The lounge style of jumpsuit is very much dependant on the choice of material used for the garment so look out for cotton rich soft to the touch options online. Or if you’re preparing for a warm summer swap it for a playsuit!

Loungewear Set

A current trend for women is loungewear sets, which are essentially a stylish version of pyjamas. Brands such as Nasty Gal, Boohoo and ASOS are all promoting this must have trend which usually includes a relaxed fit sweatshirt is a material with soft texture, matched with a floaty pair of wide leg trousers or joggers. You’ll likely spot the trends and natural nude tones, as well as some louder colours for those wanting a little more expression around the house.


Matching gym wear sets might not be the biggest fashion statement, but there’s no doubt you be comfy. Gym wear is designed to keep you comfortable and if you find a matching top and leggings or shorts sets, you’ll find it can easily be used as your daily loungewear.

It can be difficult to keep missing it up at home but you’ll find getting dressed up (even if it is a new loungewear outfit) will give you a bit of a boost every day and anything is better than putting on the dreaded jeans until absolutely necessary! 

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