Comfort is Key: The Best-Fitting Streetwear to Kop


Streetwear is continually evolving but with current circumstances keeping everyone indoors, it’s time to look in a new direction. Modern streetwear has been known for its controversial designs, colours and miss-matched clothing, so rather than going for the most outrageous styles, here’s a look at comfort streetwear to relax around the home in.

What Fits to Look Out For

Personal preference is always key when it comes to buying the best streetwear to relax in. But if you’re stumped on what to Kop next, here’s what you should look out for:

The Fit

For something suitable for both the streets and lounging around in, finding a brand that offers a fit that between slim and relaxed is best, you’ll have full movement while keeping the intentional style behind the full look.

The Thickness

You’ll find that commonly hoodies and joggers are between 250-300gsm which is good for all year round use. If you want something that’s known as a ‘heavyweight’ lookout for brands that offer 350gsm+. These garments have a much more premium feel to them and you’ll find they’re built to last.


A modern streetwear style to look out for this summer is twinsets. Matching shorts and t-shirts (or hoodies and sweaters) for a fresh approach to streetwear in the warmer weather. 

The Brands

While some brands are all about the logo, they are some that focus more on the fit, comfort and quality, but it can be difficult to find these brands by looking at images, so here are three brands known for the quality and comfort.


Formed in 2001, OBEY is a brand with vast collections available. The brand has comfy sweaters, shorts and joggers with either its signature logo or iconic graphics on the garments so you can sit at home in style. OBEY is commonly known for relaxed ‘big’ fits that can be hard to find in 2020 with slim styles being on-trend.

OBEY’s ideology is very psychological as you’ll soon spot with their graphic, while their products can be on the steeper side of affordable, the garments are all great quality with a heavy feel, perfect to lounge in and ready to hit the streets in when this all blows over.


At only a couple years old FADED is a premium brand known for its heavy sweats and mens graphic t-shirts. The brand uses thick materials to create perfectly fitted hoodies and joggers. The Joggers are designed to be between a slim and relaxed fix which creates a comfortable and stylish look.

FADED also offers oversized tees, hoodies and utility wear if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe with the latest styles.


Clean cut clothing with simple statement logos on their products, Hoodrich has a great collection of tracksuits to browse ideal for a day on the couch or doing your weekly shop in. The collection of tracksuits offers a lot of variety too, with the popular choice being their fleece tech range which is thick and has a clean, smooth finish to them.