9 Tips to be A Responsible Online Rummy Player


Crores of people love to play card games, whether they are online or offline games. Various researches have proved that, gaming as an activity, is good for your brain functions and making decisions. But these plus points of gaming will be valid only if you play in moderation. Same goes for card games online including Indian rummy game. You have to be in control and responsible at all times when you play rummy.

Excess of anything is bad for us; even if you drink too much milk or water in a day, it will give adverse or harmful results to you! Playing rummy online surely has benefits, but again, only if you are in complete control. Know how to be a responsible rummy player:

  • Are you 18+?: if you are less than 18 years of age, then real cash online rummy is not for you. All the rummy game platforms like KhelPlay Rummy have stringent rules regarding this. Also discourage other minors from playing real cash rummy until they turn 18.
  • Track your playing time: keep a close control on the amount of time you play rummy online. It is okay if you play a little more on holidays and on weekends than on work days. Even if you are having a winning streak, you mustn’t play at the cost of your other responsibilities.
  • Put a Daily Limit: This applies to everything you do in online rummy game. Limit on playing time, limit on the amount you deposit, limit on the number of matches and tournaments you play. Manage your financials carefully.
  • Stressed? Take a Break: more often than not, you may stress out while playing rummy because of losing. Never chase your losses. Negative emotions dominate our minds at such times. The best way is to go away from rummy, take a break, relax, rest, and only come back when you feel good, refreshed and positive.
  • No Sharing: never ever share your private and confidential data online on social channels with anybody. Keep your password, security info, etc. only to yourself.
  • Progress Gradually: don’t directly start cash gaming and that too on tables of higher value, there are higher chances of losing if you directly jump in against the biggies. The first step always is practice games. Build your rummy career gradually from there. Slow and steady, even in rummy, wins the race, always!
  • Study, learn, execute: don’t just come online to play games in rummy. Rummy platforms have a lot of extra helpful material like guides, tips, tricks, videos, etc. go through all of them, study and learn also from other sources online, and apply all that in your game. Focus on developing your skills, don’t just blindly play rummy matches.
  • Use Offers: rummy platforms regularly run various bonus offers and other promotions. Keep an eye on them, and when it’s time to deposit, surely avail an offer. You get to play more in your deposit amount.
  • Okay to Not Play: it is not necessary that you should play rummy every day. On some days, you may get a lot of office or other responsibilities, that you won’t find time for online gaming. It is fine if you stay away from online rummy for a few days. Our main life responsibilities are more important. You can come back on rummy whenever you are free.

When you play responsibly, you will better be able to develop your skills and enjoy the game. Even rummy platforms like KhelPlay Rummy has responsible gaming measures in place, so that it doesn’t adversely affect your life and you truly enjoy playing Indian rummy. Always strive to strike a balance in whatever you do, too little or too much will harm you more than benefiting.