Are You Looking For a Trendy Polo Shirt?

Are You Looking For a Trendy Polo Shirt?


In the men’s wardrobe, the polo shirt occupies an excellent place. You can have two or three polo shirts to use for various occasions. By wearing a polo shirt, you look smart and deliver a sporty look. There are multiple collections that can be picked from the online store. You are advised to go through the guide before shopping for the right polo shirt for your needs. For ultra stylish look, you can choose an embroidered polo shirt

Polo shirts and sports 

There is an indisputable link between the polo shirt and sports. If we go through its history, Henry Lacoste is the pioneer in introducing and promoting the polo shirt. He was used to rolling his sleeves while playing tennis. In the shortening process, he went to the extent of completely short sleeves to get great comfort and flexibility in moving around and playing shots of his choice. Primarily, early polo shirts were designed to meet the needs of the British male population. In the 21st century, men have access to various types of shirts made by different brands. If you would like to order a polo shirt, you can shop at your favorite online store, and the product will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Selection Of Polo Shirt 

A polo shirt can fit into the needs of all kinds of personalities. Before buying, you should pay attention to the type of material. If the shirt is made of cotton, you can have the highest comfort level with sweat-absorbing capabilities. The type of cloth should be chosen as per the climatic conditions and your intensity of physical activities. You can choose textured fabric as it will hug your body, and the chest and stomach regions will not be exposed.

Color Option 

You are advised to go for a plain polo shirt if you are starting your journey with polo shirts. As you feel comfortable in wearing plain shirts, you can switch over to muted colors. As per your skin tone, you can choose white, black, grey, or navy color. These colors are available in most of the stores. The polo shirt color should complement your skin tone and hair color. You should avoid contrasting colors. The sky is the limit for the type of color that you pick for a polo shirt.

Embracing Polo Fashion 

To deliver a comfortable look on special occasions, you can choose polo shirt with design or handworkEven though shirts with checks, patterns, and embroidery are expensive, you can have one or two in your collection to meet special occasions’ needs. If you want to go for a high-quality shirt, you should opt for one made with cotton and lightweight fabric. They can be draped around your body very easily.

Collars And Pockets 

To get the best look, you can focus on the type of collar and pockets available with a polo shirt. The branded polo shirt comes with optimum color length. The pocket-size and location will enhance your look, and you can easily access the items stored in your pocket. If you choose a collar with additional lining, it will not curl up at edges, and there will be significant enhancement of your look.

Tips To Wear Polo Shirt 

  • To wear polo shirt, the following tips are useful:
  • Large-sized logos on a polo t-shirt can be avoided.
  • The size of the shirt should not be as per your height. 
  • Never wear polo shirt with a blazer as it can deliver sloppy look.
  • Polo shirts are not meant for layering purpose. 
  • Choose the correct fit but the shirt should not be too tight. 

Polo shirts are very popular as they give utmost comfort and you can achieve better look.  Explore online shopping to make the most of your money and time.

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